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Thursday, March 28, 2013

HuffPost | Bacon Condoms Could Be The Best Thing To Happen To Your Hog, Ever (PHOTOS)

Bacon Condoms
Bacon condoms look, smell and taste like bacon.
Bacon Condoms Could Be The Best Thing To Happen To Your Hog, Ever (PHOTOS)Too funny to touch, with a pole of any length.  Click on the link to learn more about the frisky pork.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Music | Passion Pit - 'Cry Like A Ghost' on Vimeo | + Extended uncut version | Grt song + vid

Passion Pit - "Cry Like A Ghost on Vimeo. See extended uncut version below on

Music | NNEKA - Valley

NNEKA - Valley.

Music | NNEKA - Restless | A consistent fave

NNEKA - Restless.  A love song for broken lovers.  From Nneka's album 'Soul Is Heavy.' Rlly well done + luvly song.

Muisc | inc. - the place

inc. - the place.  All those soulful cats, brown-eyed and blue-eyed boys of soul are burning in their seats right now, kicking themselves that they did not do this. 

inc. is special becuz of how they do what they do, the whole unexpected nature of their coupling with the music and their imagery.  It's pretty radical, the unpredictable nature of it all.  A treat.

Who are inc.?  Two bros hailing from L.A: Andrew Aged and Daniel Aged.

Music | Joint of the Day | inc. - Black Wings | F*ckin Ridonkulous - Quite the unholy mishmosh

inc. - Black WingsSick.  On evrry level.  The approach, the arrangement, the vibe, the melody.  The singing is so underground, below register, just creepin', suggestive and instructive.  'It was black, it was never white.'   Frickin luvvv this!

Gettin snatches of Prince, Maxwell, some 90s sexy soul shish.  Thing is, at the outset it is so different from the tracks by inc. that I highlighted a few days back ( 5 Days and the place) -- maybe a week ago.  And then when the video begins, the whole arrangement, the darkness of the vid, the whole kinda goth, punk feel.  And then you hear the undercurrent and it switches up on you, and you realize that whatever it's disguised as, it's still that sexy neo-soul ish.

The video itself is a whole other thing with some pretty wicked images, just contrast and conflict around the unexpected mix n' match of images.  There are these images that have undertones of slavery and the black experience, kinda hostile, controlled images, and then there are these other images which summon up images of skinheads....maybe the one is an outgrowth of the other, and in a way it seems hostile to my existence but I'm simultaneously pulled to it.  Maybe it's alienation that it speaks to.  Maybe it's to us all being 'alien.' Or not.  (and so belonging. all of us.)  Either way, its wicked phresh. 

Just totally in luvs wid it. Sick.

Scientists create Harry Potter-like invisibility cloak | Global Post

Harry potter film set london 2013 03 07
The set of Harry Potter at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London
in Watford, England. (Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)
Scientists create Harry Potter-like invisibility cloakExcerpt: Scientists have created a miniature version of Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, although so far it only works in microwave light.

The physicists at the University of Texas who created the new cloak said it is one step closer to the real deala cloak that could hide a person in broad daylight.' Click on the link to read the story.  We humans be advancing at an ultra fast pace.

Dirty Little Smart Phones | Ted Smith on the toxins in digital gadgets | GlobalPost

Smartphone factory orinoquia 03 26 13
Warning: this may not be good for you. (Leo Ramirez/AFP/Getty Images)

Ted Smith on the toxins in digital gadgets | GlobalPostExcerpt: BOSTON — Sure, your phone might be smart. But is it clean? Is it safe to use? And were the workers who built it free from harm?

Maybe not, says Ted Smith, a longtime Silicon Valley activist. He contends that smart phones and other digital gadgets are among the most hazardous products known to consumers. Smith founded the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition in 1982, after contamination from tech manufacturing in San Jose threatened groundwater. He is coordinator of the International Campaign for Responsible Technology and co-editor of "Challenging the Chip: Labor Rights and Environmental Justice in the Global Electronics Industry."

In 2001, he was honored by the Dalai Lama for his environmental leadership.
(GlobalPost edited this interview for length and clarity.)

GlobalPost: You have said that our digital gadgets are among the world’s most hazardous products. Explain, please:

Ted Smith: You have to think about the whole life cycle of the product. The amount of materials that go into building a cell phone, a computer or a tablet is really astounding. They require huge amounts of metals, so you have all the mining issues. Everything from the conflict minerals in Congo, to gold mining — which is terribly destructive for the environment — to copper, to some of the very exotic rare earth metals. These are extremely hazardous to both human health and the environment.

Beyond the raw materials, the production of components involves a huge number of chemicals — very exotic chemicals. There’s unfortunately a pretty serious track record of the people making those components getting very sick. There are cancer clusters in several parts of the world where electronics are made. Right now the most well defined one is in Korea. Over 100 young workers have gotten cancer after working in the factories making various Samsung products.'  Click on the link at top to read the entire story.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Music | Brittany Howard & Ruby Amanfu When My Man Comes Home

Brittany Howard & Ruby Amanfu When My Man Comes Home.  How we all want our lovers to feel and speak.  Talk that talk baby, talk that talk.

Video Exclusive: David Floyd on Why He Sued NYPD - COLORLINES

Video Exclusive: David Floyd on Why He Sued NYPD - COLORLINES. By Seth Freed Wessler and Jay Smooth.  Click on the link to read the Colorlines story.  Excerpt: 'In the last 11 years, the New York City Police Department has conducted a staggering 5 million stop-and-frisks. Of those who were stopped and patted down for “seeming suspicious,” 86 percent were black or Latino, according to an NYCLU report. In 2012 alone, police made 533,042 of these stops with 89 percent resulting in no arrest or ticket.

The city insists that the policy keeps guns off the streets. But young black and Latino men describe scenes of fear and toxic stress, of always wondering if the cops are going to throw them up against a wall, strike them, and arrest them.'

Music | 4X4 - Moko Ni (Official Video) | Luv this in every way

4X4 - Moko Ni (Official Video)Rich in every way, just luscious and delightful, like biting into a juicy Caribbean mango that's bursting with flavors.  That rootsical, dextrous, multi-textural sound so full of rhythms and sensations that one feels as though they can touch and taste it.  Call it a mini-vacay without leaving your space you can travel to a much more desirable temperature and musical experience. Find that my shoulder can't stop jumping.  Delightful in all ways.

Music | Laura Mvula | She

Laura Mvula - She.

Music | Grace Sewell 'Do It Like A Dude' | Features |

Dropout Live (VIDEO): Grace Sewell 'Do It Like A Dude' | Features |  Australian teen sensation Grace Sewell.  Charm and potent potential in evidentia.

Cover shoot with Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn |Scandal

Cover shoot with Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn! Scandal!  Okay, so this is a shameless plug for a show.  Ordinarily I don't like ads, rather, I hate being sold or pitched at all times, but I like the show and the characters and if this shoot aims to give us insight into their characters...hmm, what the hey?  I like the photos of the two together and I like the characters' coupledom as a whole.  So, Scandal photo shoot, here we go.  Show airs Thursdays at 10pm on the East Coast.

(Btw, one day soon I might list the top ten reasons why I am a Scandalista and why I'm glad Deception exists.  Two beautiful women of color/black women, who are flawed but smart, talented and the central characters in their shows (television dramas).  That's pretty darn major.  It's been a long time since that.....late 60s-early 70s Julia (with Dianne Caroll perhaps.)  

There have been black female leads before but typically they've been in half-hour sitcoms or comedies (The Cosby Show, A Different World, Living Single, Girlfriends).  Rarely have they been a dramatic character around whom the action pivots, the central objects/subjects of love and desire.  So I continue to give writer/creator Shonda Rhimes and creator/executive producer Liz Heldens big props.  

Nice to see the black girl lied to, deceived, sexualized and pedastaled in equal measure.  Can I get a witness? No?  Well, we'll settle for you checking out both shows.  Scandal airs Thursdays at 10pm Eastern Standard time on ABC and Deception airs on NBC.  The season just ended, so am not sure exactly when they'll be on again, but a simple search should answer that question.) 

Dianne Caroll and Marc Copage as Julie and son Corey (lookin' like a mini-Drake).

Music | Audio | Labrinth ft. Emile Sande - Beneath Your Beautiful

Labrinth ft. Emile Sande - Beneath Your Beautiful. (Elements of early 90s Lloyd Cole, and believe or not sections of Emile Sande's hint of Rihanna; don't be offended Em, we all know you are a sanger, not a studio-embellished personality driven pop star.)

HufPost | Drones Visualization: Every U.S. Drone Strike In Pakistan Since 2004 (GRAPHIC)

Drones Visualization: Every U.S. Drone Strike In Pakistan Since 2004 (GRAPHIC).

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Viral Video | Forward - The Wrong Way Around Directed by Messe Kopp | esreveR nI syalP oediV sihT | Watch it in reverse, then watch it forward

Forward.  esreveR nI syalP oediV sihT.  By filmmaker Messe Kopp. 

Want to watch it not in reverse? See below.

LOL - Brent and Johnson - Equality Street - Official Music Video | Chuckles + Good Sounds

Brent and Johnson - Equality Street - Official Music VideoPretty on point. I thoroughly enjoyed this.  Got quite a few chuckles and smiles in the bargain, plus head nods re its street spun truths. 

All courtesy of comic Ricky Gervais.  According to HuffPost, 'Ricky is playing the character David Brent from the Brit version of the Office.  He's now taken to mentoring an up and coming rapper.'   Sh*ts n' giggles, giggles n' sh*ts!  Enjoy!

The official Ricky Gervais website @

HuffPost | Dr. R. Keith Sawyer: The Creative Power of Memory

Dr. R. Keith Sawyer: The Creative Power of Memory. Excerpt: 'Creative insights always come from combinations of existing mental material. New ideas don't just appear out of thin air; they build on existing ideas, concepts, and perceptions, that you've stored in your mind over the years. Researchers have discovered that major creative insights tend to happen only after you work many years in an area -- because it takes years to absorb the many small bits of mental material that will feed your creative process. If you don't remember all of this material, then it won't be available as raw material to your mind's insight generating combination machine.'

Fascinating stuff. Click on the above link to read on.

HuffPost | Joshua Foer: WATCH: The Secret to Superpower Memory

Joshua Foer: WATCH: The Secret to Superpower Memory.  Excerpt: 'To make a name memorable, try creating a visual association in your imagination between the person's name and face. If it's a woman named Abby, imagine a bee stinging her eye. If it's a guy called Bill, imagine him with a duckbill for a mouth. If it's someone named Barbara, picture a crown of barbed wire around her head. Create these images in your mind's eye with as much color, action, and meaning as possible. For example, don't just picture a bee stinging Abby's eye. Hear the bee buzzing, imagine her eye swelling, and try to feel how painful it would be. The more senses you can use, the better.'

Saturday, March 23, 2013

What we can't ignore| Iraq War Anniversary: Birth Defects And Cancer Rates At Devastating High In Basra And Fallujah (VIDEO) | HuffPost

Iraq War Anniversary: Birth Defects And Cancer Rates At Devastating High In Basra And Fallujah (VIDEO).  Excerpt: 'Ten years after the start of the U.S. invasion in Iraq, doctors in some of the Middle Eastern nation's cities are witnessing an abnormally high number of cases of cancer and birth defects. Scientists suspect the rise is tied to the use of depleted uranium and white phosphorus in military assaults.
On the war's ten-year anniversary, Democracy Now! spoke with Dahr Jamail, an Al Jazeera reporter who recently returned from Iraq. Jamail recounts meeting Dr. Samira Alani, a doctor in the city of Fallujah focusing on the issue of birth defects.
She said it's common now in Fallujah for newborns to come out with massive multiple systemic defects, immune problems, massive central nervous system problems, massive heart problems, skeletal disorders, babies being born with two heads, babies being born with half of their internal organs outside of their bodies, cyclops babies literally with one eye -- really, really, really horrific nightmarish types of birth defects.'
Commentary: Never again happens again and again.  After WWII we said 'Never again,' to the atrocities committed against a people in the name of war as were committed against the Jews by the Nazis and the Japanese (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) by the Americans.  Then came Bosnia and Rwanda, Uganda and Somalia, Chile and Uzbekistan and Syria and too many other nation states unknown and irrelevant to the many of us whose nations often play a role in the bruality and misery caused. 

Here then is a window into Iraq, and quite probably Afghanistan.  What do we do now?  What can we do?  Take a look at the video and read the HuffPost story and let us ask ourselves, ask yourself, 'Do we hold our government accountable?  Do we hold ourselves accountable?  How can we not?'

If we do nothing, if we say nothing, won't there be a special place in hell with our names inscribed on it?  Perhaps if we begin by writing to our president and our legislators and demanding that the chemical weapons used in the bombardment of Baghdad never be used again; that chemical weapons never be used against a people. 

And what about the babies and families left to deal with the horrific outtakes from these wars?  How do they handle a baby born with organs outside its body?  A child with four legs or a cyclops eye?  What kind of pain must these infants experience throughout the entirety of their innocent lives?  When being born in an indescribable hell on earth does any parent want its child to be born? 

What are we doing to help the children and families who have been affected?  What do we do?  How can we help?  For we must help.  Is it not the case that we who have sat by, feeling helpless, apathetic maybe -- that we were unable to affect change and so we did nothing but watch and wait, hoping that if we were good liberals, if we were pacifists who mouthed daily prayers or asked God to help to end the war it would end -- is it not the case that we are at fault?

The pacifist solution, the progressive's solution can never be silent.  And yet I have been silent, even while considering that I had the best wishes, the best desires, the best intentions at heart.  But I did nothing....why?  Because I did not know what to do other than observe and hope.  Because I hoped a miraculous solution would materialize out of the ether.  Because I hoped those leading the war would come to their senses.

So, yes, I abdicated my responsibility in the favor of the much less taxing practice of wishing on a star and praying to God to end the war.

Friday, March 22, 2013

HuffPost | Gayatri Devi, M.D.: Your Diabolically Lazy Brain

Gayatri Devi, M.D.: Your Diabolically Lazy Brain. Excerpt: 'Your brain is pretty darn incredible. It grasps quantum physics and converts cow manure into biofuel with the same alacrity that it overeats, skips out on spin class, and hits the snooze button on the alarm, particularly, especially, when it knows it shouldn't. Joshua Foer finds himself the winner of a memory contest without any prior claims to an exceptional memory. He found that all he had to do was train the brain.

In other words, what your grandma told you was true: Habits are first cobwebs, then cables. If we keep doing something, the involved brain circuits become very strong. Which is why it is best not to take up midnight ice cream raids in the first place. The night call of the refrigerator siren is irresistible once the neurologic cables that heed her call are laid.'  Fascinating stuff.  Gives us all hope about our untapped capabilities.  Click on the above link to read the rest.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dispatch From Brooklyn: Fraying Patience With NYPD’s Protection - COLORLINES

Protestors gathered for three nights in East Flatbush last week, following the NYPD shooting of 16-year-old Kimani Gray. NYPD mobilized in response and dozens were arrested. Allison Joyce/Getty Images

That, Squillacote says, is what is so profoundly troubling about a program that the NYPD has touted as central to its plan to reduce crime. “The right to travel freely is a constitutional right,” she says. “To limit that is to violate someone’s fundamental rights, and it means that you’re also punishing an entire community so that people in that community won’t trust the police.”
Distrust of the police is certainly nothing new in black and Latino communities, and it’s the stark historical parallels that put many on edge.

“During the era of Jim and Jane Crow, you had explicit policies that legislative bodies passed to make sure black folks were ‘in their place,’” says Phillip Atiba Goff, a UCLA professor who works as the executive director of research for the Consortium of Police Leadership in Equity. “We fought hard to get rid of that, so now law enforcement’s job is not to protect one class of people. Instead, we’re seeing them as an occupying force.”

This occupation was on stark display in East Flatbush last week. In a city that has often promoted itself as a model for combating gun violence, here were the living, breathing examples of the dangerous trade off it purports to make: allow organized harassment of specific kinds of people in specific kinds of communities in order to feel like Bloomberg’s New York is a safer, shinier place than its past. But as witnessed in Flatbush last week, those people and communities are i/ncreasingly refusing to play along.'

Music | Tully On Tully - Naked | Just as good

Music |Tully On Tully - Stay | Delightful, Delicious - 'I miss myself so much it hurts'

Tully On Tully - StayA new track from Australian band Tully on Tully, with lead vocals by Natalie Foster and featuring Hayden Calnin.  Swexy bad. Full of verve and infectiousness.  The lead singer is a pleasing , mash-up of yester year beauts -- model Margraux Hemingway and singer Deborah Harry, of punk rock New Wave band 'Blondie.'  Emphasis on the physical and the gap.  Brings to mind French films, the French countryside.... a Norwegian milk maid in the French countryside. 60s icon Bardot maybe. Something so alluring, accessible and desirable about her. Both the raw, unfettered Milk maidenness (with a capital M) combined with the buttoned-up, anti-sex outfit.

There's a chemical connection between Foster and Calnin that's electric eel-like--it reaches out and snaps at you, and that captures the whole mood of the song.  If there weren't a band called 'My Chemical Romance,' I'd say that's the feeling this song engenders: combustible electricty.

But enuf about that, everything about the beat, melody, composition and the dap of Future Islands sound by Calnin makes this a bit of a Dora Darling.  Translation?  We likey, likey, like, like, like.  Yum.

Monday, March 18, 2013

HuffPost | Cryonic Preservation After Death: What Does The Science Say? (VIDEO)

Music | Jeff Buckley - Grace

Jeff Buckley - Grace Full Album.  From the Jeff Buckley fan group.

Music | Alice Smith - SHE (New music!) - Live @ Joes Pub | A Truly Badass Chick

Alice Smith - SHE (New music!) - Live @ Joes Pub.

Music | New Alice Smith song Ocean | Okayplayer | The fantastically divine Alice Smith

Alice Smith displays here jazz hands

New Alice Smith | Ocean | OkayplayerAlice Smith's latest is so overdue.  I've missed hearing new stuff from her.  But she is worth the wait.  To learn more read Okayplayer's write-up, but first listen to this track.  Thanks to Okayplayer for this. (If the track is unavailable below, just click on the link above to hear.)

Music | Allen Stone - Celebrate Tonight | Okayplayer

Allen Stone 'Celebrate Tonight' | Okayplayer. Sure looks like Soul music is having a rebirth.   Gud stuff. Give a listen.

America's New Sports Sweetheart Couple: Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn | Happy, Happy Tiger

Golfer Tiger Woods and skier Lindsey Vonn
Happy Tiger: See Tiger smile, smile Tiger smile.  Happy, happy Tiger
So little Tigger has announced his happiness on Facebook and else wheres. Should we say 'Here we go again?  The cycle continues.  Got an extra hundred million to spare?'

No, that would be cynical, bitchy, hater-ade-ish and simply mean.  Even if we feel that our feelings are an accurate gauge of the situation.

What it is?  Love.  (We hope.)  Even Tiger is entitled to that.  The man has a preference.  He's entitled.   He skews light, has a particular kind of color-blindness.  He can't see anything beyond olive, even that much darkness reads like a cortical blindspot. 

What's to be done for it?  Nuthin.  Just let the man live.

Personally, I was a little tight over Tiger's antics.  No, not what he chose to do with his body or with his relationship with his wife.  His adulterous choices were his as far as I was concerned, and for the most part, primarily of relevance to him and his wife (and less naturally, his sponsors). 
Lindsey: You're a braver woman than we are
I didn't see Tiger's decision to step out of his marriage (or maybe they had some kind of open agreement at some point in time.  I don't know, don't care) as any of my or your business.

What did offend me though (and did I have any right to be offended?  Probably not.  Points more to my issues and my headspace than to his, that I would get so caught up in his life and choices) was his coining of a new term for himself 'Caublanasian.'  WTF?

A term that had him artfully burying the black in the midst of it all, blackness bookended by the racial identities that mattered it seemed -- blackness deserving of only a mere 'blah.'  Kinda like the way Tiger seemed to relate to the race on a whole.  (And notice, Tiger only seems to deal with black men who he and the rest of the world seem to deem as exceptional black men and therefore above the rules and lumpen inadequacies of other black men: Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley: like-minded brothers who seem to have nixed chocolate from their diets.)
Enquiring minds want to know:
What's in it for you Lindsey Vonn?  What's in it for you?
So that was one thing that turned me off.  The second issue that made me want to upchuck whenever I saw his putrid little face (sorry, I'm going back there again.  Gotta remember, it's not that serious, and he is definitely not deserving of that much energy) was his exclusive orientation to women of European descent, particularly blondes, and his complete exclusion of women of color, really black women is what it seemed, from his dating pool.

Why care?  If Tiger is such an A-hole (a non-golf terminology) why would you even want him to date black women.  Or black women to date him?  It's kinda like applauding or encouraging Rihanna to date Chris Brown, or even being jealous of her for doing that.  What sane person does that?

Well, you know the reason.  I won't go into it.  But suffice to say it was again the whole perception of rejection.  The message that black women aren'tgood enough.

HuffPost | The Bible: Satan Actor Looks Like Obama In History Channel Miniseries

'The Bible': Satan Actor Looks Like Obama In History Channel Miniseries.  Click on the link to read the story.  There is a waxy, grey as-the-dead similarity, but this Satan is no Barack Obama.  BO has Chelly-O on his arm and in addition to working to stabilize a country, one could say he's opposed by demons, not followed by them. 
O-tay, dat wuzn't nyce.  Do better next time.

Is the resemblance intentional on the part of the Christian producers, actress Roman Downey (Touched By An Angel) and her producer-husband Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Voice ).  Don't know.  Are they conservatives?  Not sure?  But the two say nothing is further from the truth, so we accept that.  Just a kooky coinky dink.  Sheet happens!  NO?  Si, it do.   

Excerpt: HuffPost UPDATE: The History channel and executive producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey have responded to news reports picking up on the similarity between the actor and Obama.

“History channel has the highest respect for President Obama," a statement from the History channel read. "The series was produced with an international and diverse cast of respected actors. It's unfortunate that anyone made this false connection. History's 'The Bible' is meant to enlighten people on its rich stories and deep history."
“This is utter nonsense," Burnett said. "The actor who played Satan, Mehdi Ouzaani, is a highly acclaimed Moroccan actor. He has previously played parts in several Biblical epics -- including Satanic characters long before Barack Obama was elected as our President.”
"Both Mark and I have nothing but respect and love our President, who is a fellow Christian," Downey added. "False statements such as these are just designed as a foolish distraction to try and discredit the beauty of the story of The Bible.”

satan obama
Ouazzani has starred in multiple faith-based films, including "The Ten
Commandments," "The Satanic Angels," "Jeremiah" and "David."

Kind words, but the fact is, Barack Obama is the devil incarnate for some conservatives.  A black man who wields massive amounts of power; a black man who is the head of 'their' country. 

Must be massively frightening stuff.  If I were in that state of mind and I saw that shadow leaning over my shoulder, I might take off running, goose steps be damned.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Music | inc. - Five Days - Neo-Soul for Millennials

inc. Ck the album, 'No World,' out now. I said before this reminded me of Maxwell and neo-soul. I stick to the neo-soul claim but am definitely getting a taste of Debarge. Enjoy.

See a photo of the lads. Surprised?  Lil' bit.  These boys sound like they just time-traveled straight out of a 1990s soul machine.  Just a reminder that music knows no bounds.  These cats are clearly avid fans of R&B-neo soul, and they have got that authentic R&S-NS sound down.  You don't sound this good or smack-on by imitation or mimicry.  Props to them.  Click here to learn more about the duo.


Music | inc. - the place

inc. - the place.  So neo-soul, Maxwell-ish. 

Music | Lykke Li - Little Bit (Shadows on Stars Cover) | Somethin' special, u must give a listen

Lykke Li - Little Bit (Shadows on Stars Cover).  'A little bit, a little bit, little bit in luv with you.'  (Soooooohhhh, oooh, ooh, oh, se-duc-tive.)  Hotness squared, just makes u wanna do it.  Kinda like, havin your teen lover say, I just wanna put it in a little bit, just a little bit.'  That kinda teasin', feral hotness.  sweet.  Be bold, be brave, open up ur eardrums and give this what it deserves: a listen.

Note: might I add how perfectly timed this is; not too short or too long.  Just the right length of song. 

Music | RUFUS | Take Me

RUFUS | Take Me.  From their upcoming album, Atlas.

Music | Joey Bada$$ - Unorthodox | Produced by DJ Premier | Pure Art

Joey Bada$$ - Unorthodox - Produced by DJ Premier.  Sound art mixed with visual art.  Gotz 2 luv it.  Refreshing, art from the street.  The beats, the scene, the throwback to that old skool real Hip Hop. Feel like I'm back in the 90s vibin in Bklyn, NYC.  No fake flossin' and glossin.  Tru luv dis.


Black Woman!
Photo: lotusofwadiarts.blogspot


I am a black woman.  I don't especially feel that.  I mean that when I think of myself I don't think first, I am black.  Do I look black?  What does black look like? 
I just think that I am me and part of that is that I am human.  My blackness is so intrinsic to me I never feel the need to separate it out.  I suppose it would be enough to say that I am black and woman.  That would characterize the nature of my reality.  But unless you are black and/or woman, that means nothing. 
My reality is colored by color, its million tiny nuances, its insidiousness and its prismal effects.  I see my color like antennae, receiving and transmitting waves. 
      Being cased in I understand, with complete clarity, what it is like to be outside the box, to stand or float in infinite space.  And within my own head I am free.  Within my own perception I am limitless.  How does the outside world see me?  Does it see me?  Ultimately what the world thinks doesn't control me, though it may control others perception of me. 
     My entire adult life I have believed myself a conscientious woman.  Proud of my race and comfortable enough within my own skin to take pride in and have respect for all races. 
   And yet all of it was a lie.  I believed nothing.
Dear Diary,
      Today I crawled under the bed.  It felt as I had always imagined it would feel: Warm, dark, enveloping, secure.  A box like womb.   
I climbed under the bed, placed my cheek against the cool, dusty, brown, wooden floor, stuck my thumb in my mouth and was momentarily relieved.  My panic abated.  It was the feeling that comes from giving in finally.  From doing what I have wanted to do and needed to do for longer than I can disremember. 
I came out after 3545 seconds and fingered the dust on my skin.  I palmed my cheek and felt its soft bubble roundness.  Under the bed I had rested.  Out again I felt the fear that courses underground like hidden wellsprings of justifiable and inexplicable panic, well up and start to rise.  I did not cry. 
David left a month ago.  Walked out of the apartment.  I stood there and let it happen.  Couldn't move, feel or think.  Just useless and empty, standing there, like
standing in the wind.  He stood for a long time in the middle of the living room.  Behind us the city still swooning from the dark.  He stood and watched me; his hands hung low at his sides.  I had never been as aware of hands.  His watch caught the light from the sun ascending and bounced it off the wall.  Every thing in the apartment was still.  Outside cars honked their horns, a bike whistle blew, someone laughed; across the hall a folk singer wailed.  I became a shadow as he stood there listening.  I wasn't going.  To South Africa.  Not today or any day. 
      -     Tell me Silhe.  Tell me so I can fix it. - 
            That's what he said. 
                                                         Book Two.
Chapter I.
            The first time I saw him I climaxed.  I mean I got up from where I was sitting at the club and went to the john.  I could barely walk.  When I got there I quickly sat down.  My body rocked by spasms.  I closed my eyes and saw him looking at me.  I was under the glare of green searchlights.  He was a watchtower and I was a ship.  Lost at sea.  He found me.  Romantic drivel.  I never thought such things before David, though once I met him I would make up songs with trash like that.  Old 1930s and 40s rhythms.  Black and white films.
            I came again and again.  It was thick and creamy, a geyser - like a man's. Powerful.  It was one of the best orgasms I ever had.  But it got better when I finally did it with him. 
He laughed when I told him. 
            - I set you on fire from the beginning, hunh.  Now ain't I sumthin?" 
            (Yeah, you sumpthin all right, you sumpthin.  Come over here and I'll show you sumpthin.) 
            I placed my mouth on his breast.  I bit him hard.  I drew blood.  I laughed.
I asked him if he'd looked at my ass.  He laughed again.  He grabbed my ass.
            - I wish I'd been that bold.  Only I wasn't.  I looked you over from head to toe when you left your table though.  I was mesmerized.  -
            - I like your ass Silhe.  I love your ass. -
            He bent over and bit me on the ass.
            I wanted David more than I've ever wanted anyone.  It was the first time I ever climaxed just looking at a man.  Without touching myself.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Michelle Obama in Vogue | But Why Is She Sitting On A Table? | Dlisted


But Why Is She Sitting On A Table? | DlistedThe inimitable DListed.  Read it and engage in a bowl of early morning or late night chuckles.  Gigs!

Excerpt: For the second time in the history of Vogue and the second time in the history of Michelle Obama, Michelle Obama is on the cover of Vogue. The pictures were shot by Annie Leibovitz and if Annie Leibovitz got her way, FLOTUS (Side note: Every time I hear or read the term FLOTUS, I always have to ask myself, "Wasn't Flotus a character in She-Ra?") would've been posing naked in a tub full of milk or some crap like that. Annie Leibovitz wanted to do it the Annie Leibovitz way. But FLOTUS rolled her eyes at that, because she has to keep things dignified and also because the milk in the tub wasn't fat-free. Let's move!

The cover isn't working for me at all and it isn't because they were a little heavy with the Photoshop and it's also not because her hair makes her look like the lost member of The Ramones. It's because she's sitting on a damn table! Now, I'm a total piece of unpolished trash and the last person who should be ranting about etiquette, but this is the First Lady.'  Click on the link at top to enjoy the rest.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Anger in Brooklyn at Killing of Kimani Gray, 16, by Police -

Michael Nagle for The New York Times
Demonstrators on Tuesday night in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, where tensions have been mounting


Article Excerpt: The autopsy report on Mr. Gray did not specify which of the seven bullets caused the death of the teenager; that determination awaits further investigation. 
One bullet entered his left shoulder in the rear; two other bullets struck the back of his thighs, one in the left thigh and one in the right. Two bullets struck from the front, hitting his right thigh; one bullet entered his left side, striking his lower rib cage; and the last bullet hit his left lower forearm.'

Anger in East Flatbush Persists Over Teenager’s Killing by the Police.  By J. David Goodman:

Excerpt: First came the shooting: an armed teenager killed by police officers on a darkened Brooklyn street. Then came the anger: a Monday evening vigil marred by an unruly young mob thrashing its way through local businesses; a second protest the next night; another on Wednesday evening.
By the time an autopsy of the 16-year-old was released on Wednesday, the tension in East Flatbush could be measured in the silently flashing lights of squad cars parked at tight intervals along Church Avenue.
For some, the sight of extra police officers meant a potential reprieve in an area troubled by crime. For others, it was anything but reassuring.
The police said that two plainclothes officers fatally shot the teenager, Kimani Gray, just before 11:30 p.m. on Saturday after he brandished a revolver and pointed it at them.
The police commissioner, Raymond W. Kelly, said on Tuesday that the police had interviewed three witnesses, “two of which say that the officers said, ‘Don’t move.’ ”
“Another witness said an officer says, ‘Freeze,’ ” he said. The officers then fired 11 shots, the police said.
Seven of the bullets hit Mr. Gray, including three that entered his body from the rear, according to the New York City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.' 
Click on the link to read the NYTimes story. 

Music | The Knife - A Tooth For An Eye

The Knife - A Tooth For An Eye.   Like the unique-sound of this vid; how it sounds very old world Africa and yet is infused with a new-world electronic sound, kinda Bjorky, as well. 

Really cool to watch the guys in the locker room in this kind of hyper-masculine environment and then they come out and fall into this kind of sensitive, fem, don't-take-ourselves-too-seriously dance.  The fact that they're following a young girl's lead is also muy cool.

The female lead in the vid is the epitome of a new world baby: looking like Africa, Europe and Asia all blended into a beautiful new world her.

According to the blurb accompanying the vid, 'A Tooth For An Eye' is from The Knife's forthcoming album 'Shaking The Habitual' released on 8/9 April. Available to pre order here:'

Music | AlunaGeorge give fairy tales a dark spin for "Attracting Flies" | Music Video | SoulCulture

AlunaGeorge give fairy tales a dark spin for "Attracting Flies" | Music Video | SoulCultureGrt vid.  Props to the director for reworking kiddie fairy tales into contempor tales of urban survival and wonder

Music | The xx - Chained

The xx - Chained.  Sublimity at itz finest. Mersmoronic!

Music | The xx - Islands

The xx - Islands.

Music | Courtney John - Black Cinderella | Reggae

Courtney John - Black Cinderella.  There's a nifty write-up on this song's background by Kavit Sumud on indieshuffle, one of favorite music blogs.

Profile: New pope, Jesuit Bergoglio, was runner-up in 2005 conclave | National Catholic Reporter

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, Argentina

A little more about the man who is the new Pope to more than 1 billion Catholics.  Click on the link to get the deets. Profile: New pope, Jesuit Bergoglio, was runner-up in 2005 conclave | National Catholic Reporter.

HuffPost | Netflix Syncs With Facebook (So Everyone Will Learn You Power-Watch 'Toddlers And Tiaras')

Netflix Facebook Integration

Netflix Syncs With Facebook (So Everyone Will Learn You Power-Watch 'Toddlers And Tiaras Thank God Netflix doesn't rent porn.

HuffPost | Pope Francis, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio Of Buenos Aires, Elected Leader Of Catholic Church | Cause for celebration for the Catholics and nonCatholics of the World?

Pope Francis, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio Of Buenos Aires, Elected Leader Of Catholic ChurchOkay, after intense world-wide speculation and anticipation, the deal is done.  A Pope has been elected.  Wheee-hew!!

Like you, I'm curious as to how Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio came to be chosen and why.  The fact that the new Pope was chosen from outside of Europe is not especially shocking given the growth of Catholicism among nonEuropean nations and people of color.

The reality is, however, that the Pope remains an elederly white man, as he has in the nearly 1000 years since the church began selecting Popes.  A man who, we imagine, is largely out of touch with the realities of common folk who have to work for a living, worry about how they're going to pay the bills, put food on the table and send their kids to school.

A Pope doesn't get to experience any of that.  Sad for him, of course, but this puts him at a remove so distant from the lives of the church's congregants that it's the equivalent of an ant glancing up at Mount Everest.  (Who's the ant and who's Mt. Everest?  You figure it out.)

Even more baffling , is how a purportedly celibate man, who is as unfamiliar with poverty and the ways of the world as it is possible to be, can determine birth control, premarital (or any type of sex) policy for millions of people around the world.

We recognize, that it's quite possible that many of the priests, and the Pope even, are having sex, (and we're not speaking of the pedophile priests here, the ones who abuse and destroy children).  If so, more power to them.  Some of us would have greater confidence in their experience with sex and sexuality if they were indeed having consensual sex between two adults. 

We'd also have greater understanding and respect for the church if it were to do what seems to be a common-sense fix to the problem -- based on the thousands of accounts of priests gone wild-- and that is to allow priests and the Pope to have sex honestly and forthrightly without fear of condemnation or expulsion from the church. 

Let the priests do what so many of them long to do apparently.  Let them live and experience the lives of the regular humans who they serve.  Let them have sex if they desire to.  Not only will it likely humanize them, but it will probably cut down on the lies and abuse now rampant in the church. 

For experience shows us that the majority of humans cannot go without sex for their entire lives.  Some can, but very few.  For the priests who have the strength of will and desire to remain celibate for their lives, let them have the honor of doing so.  But for the majority who need to experience the pleasure of the flesh, or to indugle in a spiritual meditation of the sexual kind, let them too have their due.

I plan to do a little reading up on this new Pope.  And while I'm at it I'll indulge in a little smoke-blowing fantasy of my own:

Oh for the time when women will be included in the conclave; the day when no longer will one of the largest and most influential bodies in the world continue to send the message that MAN, at his oldest and most exclusionary, has the supreme right to dictate the moral, spiritual, social and religious laws by which we live.  (What is the difference then between the fundamentalism that we decry in the East?  Isn't this just a more benign, and, if so then, more insidious form of genderism?)

Oh, for the day when a woman too can, and will, be Pope.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

HuffPost | Video | Shocking Raw Footage of Income Inequality in America + Former VP Al Gore on What It Means for You and Me

Al Gore intro: 'In my new book, The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change, I highlight the problem of increasing income inequality that is plaguing the societies of almost every industrialized country in the world. Despite being the richest country in the world, the United States also suffers from one of the highest levels of income inequality in the world.

In order to make the U.S. system of capitalism truly sustainable, we must tackle this unhealthy concentration of wealth. The wealthiest one percent of Americans now have more wealth than the bottom 90 percent. The gap continues to widen as the top one percent receives almost 25 percent of annual U.S. income, up from 12 percent just 25 years ago.' Click on the link to read the rest of Al Gore's brief piece.  Al Gore: Worsening Income Inequality

Commentary: That seems like a nightmare scenario, but that's where we are. How do we work our way out of this and towards greater equity?  To continue as we are will surely lead to economic collapse/civil unrest won't it?  Aren't we seeing some strains of that now in the social and economic ills facing our nation?  In the prevailing sense that we are trapped in our current economic circumstances (born poor, die poor; born middle classs, fight like hell to remain middle class and to prevent your kids from sliding downwards; born wealthy, get wealthier), in the gun violence shredding poor urban communities and creeping more deeply into communities once considered among the pristine and immune  (Yeah, gun violence and inner city violence may seem far removed but it's all part of a closely related puzzle). 

We feel trapped by our nation's current economic realities, but there has to be a way out.  And part of that starts with government policies and with having legislators who work for the masses of constituents, instead of for the corporate lobbies that purchase access to their doors and their votes. 

Bottom line: If we ain't active, we ain't in it.  We don't have the dollars, but if we don't organize and demand, we will be written off.  We are fortunate to have organizations like and Move-On, Occupy Wall Street and so many of the others who help to make organizing and petitioning so much easier and more accessible.  Get involved, or get left.

Sidebar: Back in January Al Gore sold his news network (Current TV) for a gazillion dollars (my technical term), okay for $500 million to Al Jazeera TV, netting himself, somewhere between $70-$100 million, or so it's been reported.  So I'm curious, even as the former VP informs us of the economic ills and unfairness of the world, I wonder where he falls on the Wealth Inequality graph and what specifically he's doing with his wealth to make things different.  I mean, just askin'.

Al has done a great deal in terms of working for progressive causes but I imagine he must find himself in quite the ethical quandry.  What to do with his own wealth even as he finds himself squeezed into the box of the top 1-5% (a guess, not a numerical calculation).

It's always interesting to watch mega-rich progressives squeeze their way into and out of the dress sizes of their principles.  No longer abiding by a one-size fits all philosophy, but by a Whatever-Works-For-Me-I-Do-As-I-Please reality.  Must. Be. Nice.

Cali Faces | The Calypso Tumblers | Amazing Street Performers | Ever Flipped Over 7 People or Done a Handstand While Standing on Someone Else?

Guy Flips Over 7 People & Stands On His Face - Street Performers.  Looking at this makes me think of how much untapped talent there is out there.  Shouldn't these guys be training for the Olympics or something like that?  Would seem like there are probably a lot of kids with the talents and abilities of these men, but who are untapped, unreached in our schools. 

Would think we could find ways to maximize their talents to society's greater benefit.  Either way, they've made a way for themselves.  Props to them.  This video is from 3 years ago, hope they're still doing well.  (LOL at how the group's leader calls out his opponent by names: 'Mike!')   Luv his response to her question about fear: 'You can't think like that, you'd never get anything done....It's like walking, you practice to walk and you do it so good, sometimes you don't even know you're walking.'

Luv that ish: My philosophy for the day: 'Whatever you want to get done that seems difficult or nearly impossible, just think about walking, how you do it naturally and unthinkingly every day, but how once upon a time it must have seemed like an insurmountable mountain.'  Words to live by.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Docu Short | BOUNCING CATS on Vimeo

BOUNCING CATS from nabil elderkin on VimeoBlurb accompanying film:  'A real look into Uganda, youth, dance, hip-hop, unity........

Bouncing Cats is the inspiring story of one man's attempt to create a better life for the children of Uganda using the unlikely tool of hip-hop with a focus on b-boy culture and breakdance.'

Film Short | Man in the Mirror – Black Public Media | Directed by Joel Schumacher

Man in the Mirror – Black Public Media.   The film's a bit heavy-handed at points, but this happens, more often than we acknowledge. 

Synopsis accompanying film on BlackPublicMedia: 'Jason Gutierrez is a Puerto Rican from New York City and the quintessential all-American guy. Status comes at a price as rumors spread that Jason is gay. With his identity questioned, Jason is pushed to understand who he is and prove how far he will go to prove that he’s just “one of the boys.”

Written by Treviny Marie Colon from The Bronx, New York when she was a Senior at The High School of Fashion Industries in Manhattan. The film was directed by Joel Schumacher.'  Ck it.

Kid Wonders | Michaela DePrince, 18-year old ballet dancer on the rise | From African orphanage to ballet's biggest stages | MSN

Michaela DePrince, former orphan from Sierra Leone becomes a rising ballet star.

Music | Rihanna Diamonds world tour Buffalo NY (Part 2 of Rihanna ) 2013

Rihanna Diamonds world tour Buffalo NY (Part 2 of Rihanna ) 2013.  More videos from KellytheLegend's video channel.  Thanx much, Kelly.  To see more of Rihanna in concert ck out Kelly's other uploads on YouTube.

Music | Rihanna Diamonds World Tour Buffalo NY (Part 1 of Rihanna ) 2013

Rihanna Diamonds world tour Buffalo NY (Part 1 of Rihanna ) 2013.  This fan-video is a bit bumpy in the beginning but gets better.  Worth the watch.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

HuffPost | Bee Venom Kills HIV: Nanoparticles Carrying Toxin Shown To Destroy Human Immunodeficiency Virus (VIDEO)

Bee Venom Kills Hiv
Can bee venom help combat HIV? According to one new study, it can.
Bee Venom Kills HIV: Nanoparticles Carrying Toxin Shown To Destroy Human Immunodeficiency Virus (VIDEO).  Click on the above link to read the entire story or to watch the video.  Excerpt: 'A new study has shown that bee venom can kill the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have demonstrated that a toxin called melittin found in bee venom can destroy HIV by poking holes in the envelope surrounding the virus, according to a news release sent out by Washington University.

Visit Washington University's website to read more about the study.'

Black Beauty | Top 10 Black Models at New York Fashion Week | Okayafrica.

NYFW Model to Watch Mari Agory Phillip Ritchie Photography
Model to watch: Sudanese Mari Agory/ Photography: Phillip Ritchie

Top 10 Black Models at New York Fashion Week | Okayafrica.  Click on the link to see all of the models featured.

NYFW MODEL Melodie Monrose Pret-a-PoundoNYFW MODEL Melodie Monrose for Badgley Mischka Pret-a-Poundo
Melodie Monrose Portrait and Melodie Monrose for Badgley Mischka (source: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week)

LEOMIE ANDERSON – United Kingdom
NYFW MODEL Leomie Anderson Pret-a-PoundoNYFW MODEL Leomie Anderson for KaufmanFranco Pret-a-Poundo
Leomie Anderson Portrait and Leomie Anderson for Kaufman Franco (source: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week)

Music | JOY (ft. Hit-Boy) - Ryan McDermott (Audio) G.O.O.D. Music

JOY (ft. Hit-Boy) - Ryan McDermott (Audio) G.O.O.D. Music. Duh...uh...uh...ope!

Music | Quelle Chris feat Cavalier | Long Tokes

Quelle Chris feat Cavalier - Long Tokes.

Fuh more,

Music | Izon T & Lady Grace - Layila | Ugandan Music | Sweet, sweet sounds

Izon T & Lady Grace - Layila on Ugandan Music.  This sounds so like old-skool Caribbean music  - Mento?  I can't remember what it's called, but it's so familiar and so like a funnel of liquid gold -- honey -- being poured down your throat.  Don't overthink it, just connect to the imagery and enjoy the flowing fluidity and sweetness of liquid gold.