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Friday, November 11, 2011

HuffPost: UCLA Operation Mend Reconstructs Severely Burned Military Faces (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

UCLA Operation Mend Reconstructs Severely Burned Military Faces (PHOTOS, VIDEO).  Click on the link above to view nineteen images of soliders who've been badly burned and received transformative plastic surgeries.  As we close out Veterans Day and prepare to return to our lives, let's take a look at what some of them experience.  Young men and women who will forever have their lives transformed.  We don't have to agree with war, to acknowledge that the price they've paid so that the rest of us could have clear consciences -- complain, protest, abhor -- has been too high.  Take some time to advocate on behalf of veterans.  Write, call or e-mail your senator or congressional rep and urge them to increase medical coverage for veterans, to provide them with the mental and health care they need to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, to get employment and, or return to school; to receive aid to help them in the transitioning.  All of us are culpable, but only they carry the weight. 

Sending good will their way and hoping that they have the strength to triumph over the challenges and that they get the support they need from their friends, loved ones, and the nation.  Kudos to Ron Katz , Operation Mend and the team at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center who have given these soldiers a second shot at a life.

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