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Monday, September 10, 2012

HuffPost: Bill Clinton Summit: Obama, Mitt Romney Speaking At September Gathering

Bill Clinton Summit

Bill Clinton Summit: Obama, Mitt Romney Speaking At September GatheringIs this a case of Ol' Billy Boy playin' some trix?  Is he double-dealing?  Speakin' out of both sides of those less than luscious lips?  Or is he just playin' politricks or doing John Q. public justice by having both sides present their arguments.  Organizers say the event is non-partisan: "CGI is built on the spirit of non-partisan, cross-sector collaborations that drive action..."

Yeah, yeah, yeah!  Whatevs!  Given that the election is less than two months out, and that Clinton gave that three-thumbed endorsement of O' at the DNC, why not just give O the platform to speak, engage, seduce all those highty-tighty, big wig, fat-brained, lush-lifed society types and national + international leaders, and continue the edge?

Hunh?  Why not, I ask you, why not? According to the article it's just a continuation of a tradition of open dialogue begun in 2005.  Perhaps?  Is it possible that Bill still bears a bit of a grudge: Obama beat out Hilary, got healthcare passed (a feat that went unaccomplished for some 70+ years and that eluded many a president), refuses to bow down to Old Billy's brilliance.  If that's the case, who's to say Billy doesn't relish giving Obama the  long-fingered thumbs up, only to turn around and snap at the rug that rests beneath his heels. 

Give a read and give a thunk.   Excerpt below, story by Michelle Nichols
NEW YORK, Sept 10 (Reuters) - 'U.S. President Barack Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney are expected to set aside their political differences later this month to speak at Bill Clinton's eighth annual philanthropic summit.

Obama and Romney were invited earlier this summer to attend the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), a summit official said, well before Clinton's Democratic National Convention speech last week where he gave a rousing endorsement of Obama and a detailed attack on the Republican presidential candidate.

Obama and Romney will address separate sessions on Sept. 25, the final day of the three-day summit in New York City that brings together heads of state, business leaders, humanitarians and celebrities to make commitments to tackle the world's woes.'

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